Journey Thru Space!
The U.S. Explora crew

Jack Jett
Strong, good-looking, sometimes intelligent, other-times cowardly conservative leader. Proud-to-bursting about his country America, Jack is often rigid and paranoid, taking his duties alternately too seriously, and not seriously enough. Angry at the government for its bureaucracy and inefficiency.
Jean Jett
Occasionally forgetful, generally wise and insightful wife of Jack... and mother of two. Very earthy, protective, conscientious and concerned. Capable of handling most equipment on the ship. A sometimes enigmatic, open-minded character. She is in a sense the glue that holds the crew together.
Doug Goodman
Second-in-command. A by-the-book man, he is one of the only ones who refers to the Captain as "Jack", since they were friends prior to the mission. Depending on mood, the Captain will either ignore this indiscretion or demand that Doug address him with respect. As friends, Jack and Doug discuss many a central issue as related to the episode they are in. Doug may be the one who really should be running the ship.
Delbert Goodwin
Third-in-command. Strong, black and handsome, the stoic and thoughtful Del is a man with sharp navigation and calculation skills. He's so annoyed and fed up that he's gone beyond -- he takes an efficient but layed back approach to most situations.Has a kind of kinetic bond/attraction to Barb, the woman who basically expresses all the cynical views that he himself feels are futile to express.
A busty Asian woman with streaked-blond hair, Barb never fails to toss off a cutting verbal "barb" -- generally in relation to Captain Jett’s short-sightedness. In her view the Captain is a bonehead — a reflection of the accuracy of her general observations. She’s very attractive, and can appear glamourous in certain situations.
Jilly Jett
14 years old, and sarcastic. Peppy and extremely intelligent, she uses her cynical nature to be annoying in various situations -- but acts helpful when necessary. Considers her dad a blowhard, likes to hammer away at his personality through subtle and unsubtle comments.
Junior Jett
11 years old, Junior is eager to be part of things, constantly disappointed by everyone and the way they treat him. Notably bright for an 11 year old, he has the ability to run the ship and most of its tools if necessary (as does his sister Jilly). On the other hand, he sometimes just acts his age— playful, childish and... whiny. He is the owner of Rudy Robot.
Rudy Robot
A strange trashcan-shaped robot highly capable of figuring out most of the problems the ship and crew faces, Rudy is generally not given the chance by Captain Jett (who constantly scoffs at Robot). Unlike most quick-thinking computers, Rudy strainingly takes a bit too long to answer and figure things out, and in general talks very... slowly. He travels with the crew on their planet-adventures like a pet, and is as junky in appearance as the broken-down US Explora ship. The crew sometimes wonders, "what is up with Robot??".