In the black-and-white, little-to-no
special effects world of the 1/2-hour JOURNEY THRU SPACE! television adventure comedy show...
lives the crew of the U.S. Explora -- a junkily-crafted ship launched “way far” into space via The Hyperdrive Device.

Due to little Jilly Jett’s spilling a soda into the console, the Hyperdrive was burnt out.
The crew is now forced on a 3-year journey back to earth.

Led by the sometimes-cowardly, sometimes-foolhardy zenophobic Captain Jack Jett,
the crew travels back to earth.

But Captain Jett has changed the mission somewhat since the ship was knocked off-course:
instead of a routine mission to check out the stability of this old ship,
they are now being pushed by Jett to stop and explore along the way, for the good of America.

The crew now faces an abundance of planet-exploration, adventures, and strange, campily-portrayed meetings --

part of their Journey Thru Space!